Arkansas State House of Representatives


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  1. I am a truck driver,i sent in m 2290 form to the irs in cinn.ohio with a check for550.00 three months ago ,I stil haven’t received a paid receipt, 2 weeka ago I sent another check,and still haven’t heard anything, my truck is sitting sill all this time,because I cannot renue my licenses until I have the paid 2290 from irs. what am I suppose to do. me and my family is hurting

    1. As of right now this website is specifically targeting voting rights and responsibilities. I feel for your frustration and I would advise you (unofficially because I am not versed in this subject) to always retain original copies and get them notarized just in case something is questioned later on. It is usually only $5.00 or less to have papers notarized. Most grocery stores, tax offices and even car dealerships will be able to do this, they certainly have the capability.I have even found the Clerk of Court at your local Court House could send you in the right direction for Notary Publics, also try the phone book. Visit your local IRS Government office, there should be one located within a 100 miles of your city – yes it is worth the drive: arrive after 9:00 am and expect to wait; probably closer, even in your own town. Take all your papers and receipts pertaining to the payment you made. Keep them in date order and as neat as possible, check to make sure all social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and amounts are clearly visible; and take a copy of your license renewals also. I would go so far as to create a list of how much you have financially suffered from this. If nothing else this list will serve to encourage the clerk to work harder for you. Always remember the person you talk to is likely to be paid minimum wage and has to deal with irate tax payers daily, be the one who makes their day and make it easy for them to want to help you…good luck, I hope this helps. Crystal

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