from Jody and Crystal

until this site is up and running in its full glory, here are some go to sites for quick answers


our twitter beinformedvoter

our facebook page the informed voter info

our official website


Welcome to the informed voter information site…this is where we shall gather links to other sites; where non-biased voting information can be found. It is our goal for you as a voter to be self-educated on:

  • the candidates for your State and Federal government openings
  • the candidates voting history and there stance on current topics
  • information on current voting guidelines
  • information on registering to vote
  • information on voting sites, rules and regulations, as we become aware of them we will continue to update as soon as possible
  • information about the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence and more
  • links to our Facebook, e-mail, Google+, Twitter and other connected and related sites
  • information on important voting issues
  • links to information on former presidents and congress people
  • links to other educational sites, we are not responsible for other websites and the information they contain, we will do our very best to make sure our links are to the most truthful, safe, well informed and beneficial websites, we will always be open to new sites and we welcome your feedback. This is a grassroots site, which means we all want to be informed and we are just patriots trying to get the word out.

You can help make this site work by sharing your comments about this site, about new links to more informed sites, about changes in your local voting sites. This is for all of us to learn and share from, your input is important.

We will not accept rude, cruel, inappropriate language or behavior. If you notice things like this posted on this site send an e-mail and it will be removed. If you notice typographical errors, website links that break or lead to sites no longer active; we really want to know. Keep us informed, so we can keep you informed.


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