The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court


These are the Justices now sitting power: Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, , Samuel A. Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan.

All the information I have presented comes from the following websites and sources:

I urge you to examine some sites which detail the rights of the Supreme Court and it’s ability to make changes to Bills and ultimately the Constitution:

Overview of the Supreme Court:

Biographies of the sitting justices:

Other sites of interest:

This is an archival site for research and teaching resources of the Supreme Court and Veterans Service Records:

A very simple definition of the Supreme Court powers is found at:

Register to Vote

Isn’t it time you finally got around to registering to vote? Have you seen the news lately? Are you happy with the changes being made everyday to your life and your livelihood? It makes no difference if you don’t vote and if you don’t express your opinions to your representatives. How else will they know what you feel?


You can register to vote while you pay for your new driver’s license, update your vehicle tags, while you pay your property taxes, at the Social Security office,  Local County Board of Registrars, Country Offices, Public Libraries, Department of Human Resources, WIC Office, Medicaid Office, Department of Rehabilitation Services and most 4 year colleges and universities. You can also go the local Republican or Democrat offices.


Don’t wait until October to register to vote. You must register at least 10 days in advance.


Go the registration page, select your state and all of your local businesses and offices accepting registration will be listed. You will also find out how to Absentee Vote. Absentee Voting is a simple process that allows you to vote when you are unable to reach to polls. This means if you are too busy and can’t get off work you can still vote. It only takes a couple minutes and your voice can be heard.


Don’t forget you can contact your Senators and House Representatives at and


You can find a link to your state’s homepage which will assist you in contacting your State Senators and State House Representatives. You vote for them also, they make changes that directly influence your state and your

Departments Of Government

Federal Agencies

Department of Homeland Security

Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

Citizenship & Immigration

Native American Affairs

CDC Center for Disease Control

Customs & Border Protection

Department of Defense

Department of Justice

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Elections & Voting

the election process

the Electoral College

voting facts, questions and answers

Can i vote? am I registered?

absentee voting

voting statistics

113th Bill Summary & Status

Bill Summary & Status

Short titles

Sites to check out for interesting information

. mayors 


. when using this site scroll to the bottom guide to 148 articles about America history and government 159 articles


This is the go to site for information the process from Bill to Law or failure to become a law. This site has links to legislation, Congressional Record, Committees, Members, The Legislative Process, Glossary also About the site and Help/Contact information.


There is a Search box for current legislation, you can type in the laws id# or the name of the Bill or the subject

There is information on recent activity

There are links to current legislative activities from the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Congressional Record.

Also found on this page there is a link to The Legislative Process which includes 9 videos about the process.

There is also a link to the United States Founding Documents

There is a link to all the congressional representatives, house and senate

There is a quick link to find who represents your state

Information on visiting the U.S. Capitol

About and its incorporation of THOMAS (The Library of Congress)

At the bottom of the page are related links for further information.

Sites For Information

we are getting information from these sites and others, but this is a good start for you to educate yourself…if you find a link is not working please comment and we will look for an alternative, we are also looking for more informational sites, especially links to each states current bill initiatives. thanks, and happy hunting

.!portal/1012/email_us Department of State Federal make sure to scroll down number of Federal House of Representatives per state make sure to scroll to the bottom of page